Swedbank, AB

Swedbank is one of the largest banks in Scandinavia. The bank operates in Sweden and the Baltics, serving 9,5 million private customers and more than 600,000 companies and organizations.

 “When we implemented the system and started using its e-signature functionality, we discovered quite soon that document management processes in our bank became more efficient – the processes of collecting visas, approving documents, and signing became shorter, and printing and archiving costs were reduced. In addition, it is very important for us that now, with the help of the system, we can sign documents even from another country.”

Gintaras Rakauskas, Head of Administrative Department, Swedbank, AB

Swedbank prior to DocLogix

  • Information searches were inconvenient and time-consuming.
  • Load and search time of the information was very slow due to the ever-increasing size of the database.
  • Getting consensus to make decisions was an arduous process.
  • Processess were not standardized and therefore incredibly inefficient.
  • There was constant uncertainty about the status of documents and tasks.
  • It was difficult to monitor and control activities within the organization.

Why did Swedbank choose DocLogix?

  • The DocLogix user interface allowed all employees to easily use the system without increasing the time to complete tasks.
  • The system is constantly being developed and updated. This provides the customer with access to the latest technological developments, some of which are customized to the organization’s needs.
  • DocLogix offers simple and rapid development of new functions.
  • The platform provides a balanced and flexible system architecture.

DocLogix capabilities implemented at Swedbank

  • Management of incoming and outgoing correspondence.
  • Document registration, signature collection, and document approval.
  • Signing of orders and instructions with a digital signature.
  • Approval of rules and procedures for providing services.
  • Confirmation of electronic invoices.
  • Registration and approval of requests for customers discounts.
  • Registration and approval of various types of documents: contracts, procurement documents, decrees and orders, meeting minutes, personnel documentation, regulatory documents, statements about data transfer to auditors, plus many other inquiries, statements, and reports.
  • Integration of mobile application for employee access outside of the office.

Key project numbers



DocLogix is used by 2,000 bank employees every day



The system is accessible across 80 different customer service departments.



More than 240,000 documents are processed each year.

The results


Up to 80% reduction of time required to make a decision (from 2 weeks to 2 days)


More than 75% of all internal documents are now processed electronically


Up to 50% reduction of overdue tasks


Up to 50% reduction of costs for printing and transferring documents


Over 10% saving of time


No lost documents

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