DocLogix named ‘National Winner’ in prestigious European competition!

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Automated and effective

HR documents and processes management

with DocLogix

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DocLogix is a powerful platform for
manufacturing sector and can meet
specific needs of the company.

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Each euro invested in DocLogix
produce a return of €57!

Learn how

DocLogix recognized as the best
information and document management
solution in Europe!

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DocLogix at a Glance

DocLogix™ – an adaptable, configurable, and easy-to-scale document and business process management solution. It is dedicated to processing, managing, storing, and accessing information using smart and simple methods. This exceptional document management solution allows users to create, adjust, and monitor business workflows without specific IT knowledge. DocLogix is powered by dynamic features including OCR and business analytics, plus document importing, scanning, reporting, storing, searching, retrieving, and more. You can choose to use DocLogix on-premise or in the Cloud. DocLogix integrates with MS Office, SAP, NAV, etc. and allows users to gain control over unstructured content as well as reap tangible benefits while still using their favorite work environment (mobile, e-mail, web browser, MS Office).




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Office management
Solution can help to createContract management
It is a modern solution forMeeting management
DocLogix offers a modern and

Office management

Solution can help to create order and efficiency in the office while reducing costs and frustration.

Contract management

It is a modern solution for the smart and simple management of contracts.

Meeting management

DocLogix offers a modern and convenient way to manage meetings and reduce hassle.

Procurement management
DocLogix solution allowsProject management
DocLogix offers a modernHuman resources management
Perfect choice for

Procurement management

DocLogix solution allows you to both organize and speed up your procurement processes.

Project management

DocLogix offers a modern solution to effectively manage all project documentation.

Human resources management

Perfect choice for managing particularly sensitive personnel-related information.

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Clients about DocLogix

The proposals we evaluated were either expensive customised projects with even more expensive post-project support or out-of-the-box products that were no use for our specific needs. One day we came across a product that had been nominated as the best information and document management system in Europe… And that’s where our journey with DocLogix began.
Maros Tropp, President of Triple D Bending
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Clients about DocLogix

We were looking for a system that would be modern and convenient to use. We wanted to manage not only documents, but processes as well. DocLogix had it all. Now, we can create our own, efficient automatic processes and workflows.

Edmundas Vasonskis, CIO, Avia Solutions Group

Clients about DocLogix

When we implemented the system and started using its e-signature functionality, we discovered quite soon that document management processes in our bank became more efficient – the processes of collecting visas, approving documents, and signing became shorter, and printing and archiving costs were reduced. Now we can sign documents even from another country.
Gintaras Rakauskas, Head of Administrative division Bank, Swedbank AB
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Clients about DocLogix

DocLogix speeds up the work of Ministry employees and will save time and money required for document management. Citizens should also experience the benefits of the system, because it will speed up the issuance of certificates, handling of complaints, and provision of other public services.
Dailis Alfonsas Barakauskas, Minister of the Interior
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Clients about DocLogix

I would highly recommend DocLogix to all companies looking for automation, transparency and tractability in both contracts and documents. It has changed our working principles. We have automated nearly 40% of the manual  work we used to perform around contracts management. And this will not stop here.
Aaron Lennox, Associate Director at Brite Advice Ltd
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We have more than 300 customers
in different countries of the world


Ministry of the Interior of the Republic ofVolfas EngelmanBankPipe-bending companyOil terminalSupply of electricity and gas

Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania

Volfas Engelman


Pipe-bending company

Oil terminal

Supply of electricity and gas

Mobile operatorBankBeer producerPharmaceutical companyMinistry of Transport of the Republic of LatviaNikoil Bank

Mobile operator


Beer producer

Pharmaceutical company

Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia

Nikoil Bank

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Main Advantages

Flexible deployment

DocLogix offers threeSmart capture
DocLogix captures information fromIntegrations
DocLogix is seamlessly integratedReports
DocLogix generates reports related to

Flexible deployment

DocLogix offers three deployment options: On-premise, Cloud, and hybrid. You can choose the most appropriate option based on your goals and size of the organization.

Smart capture

DocLogix captures information from any file, any devise and physical location. It automatically classifies and processes this information.


DocLogix is seamlessly integrated with MS Office programs and its SDK web services allows for the creation of almost any kind of integration.


DocLogix generates reports related to documents, tasks, and processes, and also provides a tool for adjusting a report’s interface to match common templates.

Workflow management
DocLogix workflow managementSecurity
DocLogix uses a number of tools toMobility
DocLogix mobile application createsCollaboration
DocLogix provides a large set of

Workflow management

DocLogix workflow management tools allow users with no specific IT knowledge to change, update, or create basic and complex organizational processes.


DocLogix uses a number of tools to ensure security, and our platform is successfully used in institutions where information security is critical.


DocLogix mobile application creates access to your documents and tasks on the go using your iOS and Android devices.


DocLogix provides a large set of tools, that allows multiple users to edit the same document, track changes and actions, and receive notifications.

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