Brite Advice and DocLogix: a game-changing partnership for document management

Friday, 26th May 2016, LONDON — This week management consulting firm, Brite Advice Ltd, announced a strategic partnership with document and process management leader, DocLogix.

DocLogix, a vendor of a recognised document and process management solutions in Europe, with a client base that includes Nasdaq Stock Exchange and DNB Bank, granted the rights to Brite Advice to expand DocLogix partner assemblies in the UK market. DocLogix comes into a market with a strong promise to its partners and clients, which is backed by proven deliverables to more than 300 clients in 12 counties through a partner network.

The partnership enables Brite Advice to offer a full end-to-end solution to an existing client base, who are seeking an advanced document management and workflow solution, tailored to individual business priorities.

“The guys from DocLogix bring a strong value promise,” explains Kulvinder Reyatt, CEO of Brite Advice. “This partnership aligns with the Brite Advice strategy to offer consultancy services to organisations looking to benefit from a bespoke document management solution and the associated savings that can be driven through best-in-class implementation. By partnering with DocLogix, we are able to deliver a solution to a global market, whereas previously we have only focused on the UK.”

The results of the partnership are already bearing fruit. Brite Advice has rapidly secured a list of companies willing to offer the DocLogix technology to their customers. These clients are thrilled by the technological possibilities that the DocLogix product brings.

The Brite Advice and DocLogix partnership is an exemplary example of a client and customer relationship. It started almost a year ago when Brite Advice was searching for an intelligent document management solution (DMS). “At the beginning, we were just a client of DocLogix, but it is difficult to keep that kind of relationship when you see great partnership potential,” states Kulvinder Reyatt. “We have already implemented and released a business module through the DocLogix platform that is now available to our clients and channel partners.”

“Brite Advice are motivated professionals and I am sure that our partnership will bring great success. However, the number of seats at the table is limited; we truly want our partners to generate a substantial revenue stream from DocLogix sales and will work closely to support them. This approach is not scalable, but this is what makes DocLogix business model unique in the business jungle,” states DocLogix Chairman of the Board, Aurimas Bakas.

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