Klaipėdos nafta

Klaipedos nafta, AB

Klaipedos nafta is an important Lithuanian state company that operates terminals for oil products and liquid natural gas. The company provides services to Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and other states. It employs more than 350 people.

“Our company manages one of the most modern oil terminals in Europe; therefore, we had to choose a reliable solution for document management. We believe that with the help of DocLogix document management, our company became faster, more effective, and more functional. I would recommend DocLogix to other organizations seeking the highest quality and the highest performance indicators.”

Gerimantas Bakanas, Head of the General Division

What changed after installing the system?

  • All inbound, outbound and internal documents are registered and uploaded into the DocLogix system. This allows the employees responsible to quickly and easily find any document directly on the computer.
  • Modern and transparent exchange of documents. Electronic copies of documents are exchanged in the system, allowing the movement of documents to be tracked and to see who has them at a specific time.
  • The automated process sped up the coordination of documents by several times. The system allows monitoring of who has the document and any changes made.
  • A convenient task-control mechanism. Tasks can be formulated and assigned with a click of the mouse, and you can monitor fulfilment of the task on your computer and receive information about status changes by email.
  • Identical, officially approved templates are used. New documents and agreements can be created directly in the system.
  • Find documents and agreements in no time. All company documents are available through the DocLogix system to authorised users.
  • All agreements are renewed in due time. Automatic reminders prevent you from forgetting the validity terms.
  • Agreements and their status are always at your fingertips. You can always check the status of agreements (those drafted, coordinated, signed and sent, signed by both parties, etc.) in the system.
  • An automated process for familiarisation with procedures is faster and more convenient. Employees can familiarise themselves with procedures and confirm this in the system (using an uncertified e-signature). The system downloads the current procedures for employees, records their reading, submits reports and sends automatic reminders about new procedures.
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