Compliance made easy: how manufacturing companies can deal with overwhelming documentation

Advice for small and midsized manufacturing companies on how to deal with Health & Safety, environmental and other regulations in an automated way

March 9, 2017.  The Management of Health & Safety and other manufacturing-related documentation is becoming very tricky for Canadian companies, as the industry is overwhelmed by new rules, certifications and designations. In addition, there have been significant changes and new requirements in the past few years that make it even more difficult to provide the correct level of compliance, all due to various assessment criteria and documentation needed.

Failing to meet a bunch of requirements – Health & Safety, environmental, ISO quality standards and others – can result in hefty fines and other strict enforcement actions.

So how can manufacturing companies deal with the heavy load of compliance requirements?

DocLogix is a process and manufacturing information management platform that also offers a Compliance Management Solution amongst its tools. Compliance Solution is dedicated to assist companies that specifically need to find an easy tool to deal with all the Health & Safety and other regulations. Additional DocLogix solutions cover time tracking and reporting, risk management, procurement management, machine maintenance management, work orders management, project management and many others that eliminate the need for manual management of information and processes.

Here’s how an automated platform can help manufacturing companies deal with strict regulations:

1. Easy management of compliance. An automated platform, such as DocLogix, offers a simple digital interface, where a company manager can drag and drop all the electronic documents. All the pre-formed documents in the system have already been checked by Health & Safety professionals. The platform completely changes the methods of dealing with huge flow of documentation and information related to the regulations of production, storage of materials, waste management and many other areas of a manufacturing business. The DocLogix Compliance Solution has been developed in line with Health & Safety experts.

2. Traceability. As an additional benefit, an automated management platform offers traceability in case something goes wrong with the product or service. Let’s say a pipe bending company supplies pipes to Chevron, and 10 years later one pipe ruptures. In this case, the paperwork can be automatically rolled back and correct documents can be presented to court, stating that the company was following the instructions and industry norms. If a company can prove that it was complying with all the regulations while manufacturing the product, the insurance will cover the damage. Since all the company’s information is managed by DocLogix system, it can be tracked back in seconds – including information about the produced parts, subparts, raw materials, staff responsible for a particular item and all the documentation, whenever the need arises.

3. Productivity. Automation allows to go paperless – and that is a huge impact on company’s productivity and also on the environment. An information management platform eliminates manual document signing, printing, filing and transportation. Electronic signatures – that are already widely used in Europe but are slated to be coming to Canada soon – can also save a lot of precious time wasted for in-person meetings. Documents can be signed right away by both parties, services can start in 5 minutes, and income starts rolling in immediately. On average, workload related to information management is reduced by 35% by using an automation tool.

DocLogix might be customized, based on a company’s needs, so even small and midsized manufacturing companies can take full advantage of automation. When a company installs DocLogix system, its entire document management process becomes very easy to monitor and manage with no specific IT knowledge required. Customer support is made available 24/7.

For more information on DocLogix, please visit the company website.


DocLogix delivers a set of built-in business solutions dedicated to solving issues related to manufacturing documents management, workflows management, invoicing, HR, contracts, procurement and meetings management, project documentation, work orders, inventory and quality management, machine maintenance, risk and incident management, time and expenses tracking and reporting. As a result of continued excellence, DocLogix has been twice selected as the best solution for information management in Europe, at the European IT and Software Excellence Awards, 2015 and 2014. Additionally, in 2016, CIOReview magazine recognized DocLogix as one of the 20 Most Promising Content Management Solution Providers in the world.

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