DocLogix 2013 – more convenient daily work and other improvements

We invite you to explore DocLogix 2013 functionality!

1. New resolution management functions

How it was before?
Up to now numerous separate fixed processes were created for resolution management in company or organization.

How resolution process will be managed now?
From now on resolution management functionality does not require creation of fixed processes – it is managed with a new type of tasks. A single task is created in one management level for the resolution to be formed down the line. Such hierarchically formed task history is presented in a clear and concise manner. A couple of resolutions can be created for one document.

Resolution management in DocLogix


Resolution project (template) creation
This functionality is dedicated for high-level manager’s assistants. Resolution project is created by assistant with possibility to save, correct, review later and send to manager for approval.

Creation of resolution in DocLogix

2. Multilingual user interface

Every DocLogix user can choose user interface language from Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, English, Azerbaijan and Polish (language list can set by system administrator). User interface language change can be done by every user.

Multilingual user interface in DocLogix

3. More convenient everyday work

Multiple task completion with one click
Multiple task completion with one click in DocLogix

Information sending improvements
Possibility to send e-mails from DocLogix to someone, who’s contact details are not in the contact list.

Favorite users

A new option allows to create a list of favorite users. You can form a list of people you send or delegate tasks most often.

4. And more

Retention functionality
Different documents should be saved in different manner. To serve this need it is possible to create different retention schedules and allocate files directly. Schedules might be changed if required.

Document retention functionality in DocLogix

Greater transparency
From now on DocLogix user can not only see his documents, but also documents and information created and managed by his subordinates.

Performance improvements are included in DocLogix 2013. You work will become more effective and enjoyable.


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