DocLogix founds company in the UK and tests the waters in Oman and the US

Together with its UK partners Brite Advice Limited, Alna Group’s document and process management system company DocLogix has founded DocLogix (UK) Limited. The Lithuanians are also developing pilot projects in the United States and the Sultanate of Oman.

The establishment of the company in the UK is an important step in DocLogix operations. The company has been working through partners since the very beginning. It hardly installs or sells its own products at all. This is done by partners who are granted software distribution rights and developer status after completing training. Therefore, the entire DocLogix business model is in essence based on the development of a circle of partners and sales through this channel.

“Direct and active participation in the international market will make it possible to better understand the needs of foreign customers, react more quickly to the latest trends in the IT sector, and strengthen our network of global partners,” says Tomas Milaknis, DocLogix director and one of the Alna Group shareholders.

A five-person team is currently working on DocLogix (UK) Limited projects. Kulvinder Reyatt – one of the founders of the Brite Advice Limited – has been named head of the company.

Brite Advice Limited is a management company with the prime objective of investing in new, progressive IT solutions and helping them to establish themselves in the UK market.

Want to become established in Oman

“After half a year of market research and discussions with various potential partners, we selected Brite Advice Limited, as they have over 17 years of successful experience working with different technology solutions companies. In addition, they work with market giants such as Canon, Ricoh and others. With their help, DocLogix will be able to reach not only a larger number of potential clients, but also partners important to the development of the company,” comments Mr Milaknis.

He mentions that DocLogix is currently working on new projects in the US, Canadian and Middle East markets.

Implementation of the Procurement Management solution has begun at the Al-Maha Petroleum petrol station network operating in the Sultanate of Oman. US-based telecommunication services provider Tower Communications Expert (TCE) is testing the DocLogix platform and document management functionality. Integration of the DocLogix HR Management solution with OmniJoin – video conferencing software from Brother Industries – is also underway.

The bulk of work is in local markets

VŽ recently wrote that DocLogix is investing in export development. But so far, most of its work is coming from local markets. Of the 19 contracts signed last year with new customers, 17 were concluded in the Baltic States.

“Last year DocLogix worked in two directions: it proceeded with its work in the Baltic States and continued to penetrate into Western markets, primarily Canada and Great Britain. This strategy made it possible to grow sales revenue by more than 18 per cent and attract new customers. In total – 19 new names. Generally speaking about 2016, we improved customer service, increased the number of products, and entered new markets,” DocLogix Business Line Director Andrius Girdvainis has said to Verslo Žinios.


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