DocLogix seeks to better understand customer needs: it has begun collaborating with Gartner, world-class IT consultants

Creators of document and process management system – DocLogix – has signed a collaboration agreement with the World’s leading company in information technology tendencies exploration and counsel giving – Gartner.

A company with more than 1,100 experts will conduct a probability study on how to improve the products developed by DocLogix to best suit their customers’ needs. Gartner specialists will also help strengthen the motivational program for partners. Collaboration with Gartner will allow to better understand DocLogix’s competitors, their solutions and strategic steps, and to strengthen our position in a competitive foreign market.

“Our goal is to produce and develop products that are most valued and bought by our customers. To do this, we need a clear product development map, a deeper understanding of the documents and market of developers of business process platform, and knowledge on how to harness the latest technology. That is why the cooperation with Gartner is especially important for us. This is an exclusive opportunity to take over their knowledge and use it to improve our product and services”, DocLogix General Manager Tomas Milaknis says.

We remind you that DocLogix is currently working on new projects in the USA, Canada, and Middle East markets. Al-Maha Petroleum, a petrol network operating in sultanate, launched the implementation of the purchase solution. The DocLogix platform and document management functionality are tested by the Tower Communications Expert (TCE) – a company providing telecommunication services based in the USA. The integration of DocLogix personnel management solution with OmniJoin (software for video conferences), which is a product provided by a company providing IT solutions, Brother Industries, Ltd, is also underway.

About DocLogix

The company DocLogix of Alna Group specializes in the development and implementation of document and business process management systems. Its products are used by over 350 companies and government agencies in different countries. The company, which started its business in Lithuania 14 years ago, distributes its product in 13 countries through partners. The product has won many awards, including the title of the best solution for document and process management in Europe. In 2016 CIOReview has recognized the DocLogix document and process management system as the most progressive and promising one in the world. More information:

About Gartner

The world-class IT counselling and research company Gartner delivers its services to customers from 90 countries worldwide. The company employs more than 1,100 experts, who are researching more than 1,304 different IT topics. Gartner’s specialists work in 26 countries and speak 50 languages, that is why the company can provide professional analysis of not only global but also local markets. For more information, go to

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