DocLogix solution for more effective meeting management

We started to notice that our clients become more mature and they want more than basic functions of DocLogix document management system. Registration of documents, assignment of tasks, preparation of reports and other functions became must have tools and many clients don’t imagine their work without them. Lately our clients requested to learn more about additional functionalities of DocLogix such as contract management, procurement management and meeting management. This article presents our meeting management solution in more detail.

The fact is that ineffective meetings costs money. And if there are many meetings, the costs increase. In fact, these costs can be easily reduced. And our clients who chose to use DocLogix solution for meeting management can prove it. Solution helps to organize meetings and make them more effective.

Hera are the capabilities of DocLogix meetings management solution: 

  • DocLogix user can post the question and responsible person will include it in the agenda of the upcoming meeting.
  • Questions can have the related material (documents, videos, photos or other records) available for the meeting members to be reviewed before the meeting starts.
  • The participants of the planned meeting receive the agenda and the related material together with the invitation to the meeting. This helps to prepare for the meeting better and make the decisions faster, sometimes one meeting is enough.
  • Related employees receive the information about the decisions just after the meeting. They can start implementing new decisions without any delay.
  • Meeting agenda can be automatically transformed into meeting protocol. This can save time for more important tasks.
  • According to the decisions made, related tasks can be formed and assigned to the responsible people directly from the system.
  • Newly created tasks are related to the particular meeting and this helps to track the progress of the implementation.

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