Introducing DocLogix 2014!

For more than 10 years our company has been constantly developing DocLogix and its solutions. As you know, we always apply three main concepts:

  • Usability;
  • Performance;
  • Innovations.

All three values are important, but this time, we paid most attention to SIMPLICITY=USABILITY. When you open DocLogix 2014 you will find improvements in every step: Registration, resolution management, control and monitoring, search, e-signing, contact management, compatibility and much more.

Please meet DocLogix 2014 – MORE SIMPLICITY AND EVEN BETTER PERFORMANCE for your daily work.

List of new and improved features:

  • Optimized document registration (Improved)
  • Resolution management (Improved)
  • Automatic task completion (New)
  • Contact and registry number based search (New)
  • Automated acquaintance with documents (New)
  • “One man several desktops” for those who perform in several positions within organization (New)
  • Multi-signing functionality out from the task (Improved)
  • Compatibility with x64 Architecture (New)
  • Compatibility with Windows Server 2012 / SQL Server 2012 / Windows 8 /MS Office 2013 (New)
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Internet Explorer 10; Google Chrome; Mozilla Firefox; Apple Safari (Improved)

What‘s new in DocLogix 2014

Register document 4 times quicker

Have you ever estimated how many documents you register per day, week or month? We have investigated that depending on the type of company and IT infrastructure it has, the registration of a document could take from 2-3 minutes. Now, DocLogix 2014 enables document registration in just 30 seconds. Seconds multiplied by thousands convert into saved hours and days.

Here is how it works:

  • Favorites will be provided as you start filling the document card, so your typing efforts will be reduced.
  • For your convenience multiple file upload is available from all most popular internet browsers.
  • In order to save your time, the system may delete original files automatically, once they have been converted into PDF.
  • Start the document related process automatically when creating a document.

Let’s calculate: if an organization registers more than a thousand documents per month, it used to take 4.2 days of one man’s full time just to register those documents. With DocLogix 2014 it will only take 1 day. The company saves 3.2 day per month!

More convenient and even more transparent functionality for resolution management

Little things solve huge problems.

No more confusion related to responsibilities. Assign and manage the same or several resolutions to multiple employees at once.

More convenient and even more transparent functionality for resolution management in DocLogix

We strongly recommend using specific type of DocLogix tasks for resolutions management. Although task based resolution functionality was very well accepted, it used to be a little bit tricky when there was a need to manage several resolutions for one document or identify the main responsible person when several employees were assigned to the same resolution. With DocLogix 2014 these situations are handled. With DocLogix 2014 the visualization of resolution history was improved. From now, you may assign the main responsible person for the resolution.

  • Assign the same resolution to several responsible persons
  • Mark the main responsible person
  • Assign several resolutions for the same document
  • Experience improved visualization of resolution history and track the resolution completion status in the hierarchically grouped and visualized resolution history
  • Indicate deadline for resolution completion

More convenient and even more transparent functionality for resolution management in DocLogix

Eliminate missed deadlines with automatic task completion

Deadlines are for meeting them.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when somebody’s missed deadlines influence the final result? For instance: if your business trip expenses are not approved on time you will not receive compensation or it will be late. So, DocLogix 2014 introduces automatic task completion functionality. It is irreplaceable for avoiding process delays when somebody lags behind fitting in settled terms for task completion.

  • Assign a task with a settled deadline for its completion
  • Predetermine a task result for the case if a task is not completed on time (i.e. the system will complete the task automatically)
  • A responsible person will receive a task with special notifications about task’s due date and possible system actions in case a task is not completed on time.
  • If deadline is missed, the auto completion functionality turns on and the system completes the task and processes the document further.

Eliminate missed deadlines with automatic task completion with DocLogix

Note: ask your system administrator or local DocLogix partner to enable these capabilities and configure them in accordance with your internal document management procedures.

Innovation for automation: tracking and reacting

All employees are automatically acquainted with valid rules and procedures relevant to their position.

Has a new employee enrolled into the company again or changed the position? Have rules and instructions been changed or expired?

It is a common situation, when a person, responsible for human resources, must track if all employees have been acquainted with their rules and instructions, whether they have been signed and whether they are still relevant. Tracking and managing these situations is a complex task.

From now, DocLogix 2014 will automatically send relevant rules to new employees for acquaintance as well as notify existing employees of any changes.

Task to acquaint with procedures in DocLogix

With DocLogix 2014 the system itself will track changes in personnel and will track validity of the rules, instructions and procedures they must be acquainted with. From now, DocLogix will:

  • Track when a new employee enters the organization and will send all rules and instructions for acquaintance automatically.
  • Track when employee changes position within a company, and will send additional rules (if needed) for acquaintance.
  • Track when existing rules expire and will send new ones for acquaintance
  • Track when instructions or rules are updated, and will send updates ones for acquaintance
  • Track if someone did not confirm that he has acquainted with the rules or instructions and will inform the person responsible for HR and the employee himself/herself.

Improved search

In DocLogix 2014 Simplicity concept has been applied to single field search. Our customers asked for search optimization. And here it is – quicker search engine with more relevant and structured search results. With DocLogix 2014 you will be able to find all documents related to your customer, partner, particular registration number. This is possible straight from the single search field quickly and easy. In just two clicks you will receive a detailed search report, where documents are grouped according to the document types. All documents are presented in accordance with the strict security rules. This function is available without any configuration.

Search functionality in DocLogix

Here is how the new optimized DocLogix search works:

  • Choose the search criteria straight in the single search field
  • Start typing and system will instantly provide suggestions for your convenience
  • Click the search icon or press “Enter” and the relevant results will be displayed instantly
  • Search results will be grouped for your convenience
  • Security: as usual, every employee can only access only the information that is allowed according to company security policy.

Search results in DocLogix


Different documents may be accessed depending on your current position

More and more people tend to work in more than one position. Just imagine you have an employee (or you are the one) who works for one or several organizations in different roles. Sounds confusing? You might work with different types of documents, different teams, belong to different groups, and take part in different business and document management processes. The situation becomes even more complicated once the security question is brought about. DocLogix 2014 recognizes the user and provides his particular DocLogix working desktop depending on his chosen role.

DocLogix 2014 handles this providing several working desktops for the same person. To enable this functionality, ask your system administrator:

  • To enable “account name duplication” functionality
  • To identify different positions for the same user
  • To assign the same user to different groups and apply different security settings depending on his positions at the company.

With DocLogix 2014 you will be able act in different positions with just one click:

  • Change your working desktop according to your position in one click.
  • Access different documents, receive tasks and be involved in different processes depending on your chosen position.

New functionality may serve as a user versioning function. It is commonly needed when a user gets married and changes his/her last name. A person with changed last name starts DocLogix as a new user.

Different documents may be accessed depending on your current position

Note: Ask your system administrator to configure this functionality.


Multi-signing (complete multiple TASKS that require digital signature)

Complete several tasks to sign documents at once.

E-signature is becoming a common practice at DocLogix customer companies. Multi-signing functionality was introduced in the earliest DocLogix versions. But with DocLogix 2014 we have made a major improvement. For your convenience DocLogix 2014 allows you to complete multiple tasks that require a digital signature.

Complete multiple tasks that require a digital signature with DocLogix

Here how it works:

  • Open task module and find all tasks grouped according the action required
  • Choose a group of tasks you want to complete (for instance: waiting for approval)
  • A task completion dialog opens with a multi-action button
  • Turn on the multi-action button
  • Mark all the digital signing tasks that you wish to complete
  • Choose the purpose of the signature and e-document format as well as certificate, and sign

Complete multiple tasks that require a digital signature with DocLogix

Imroved compatibility

No limits for your efficiency and progress

Let your organization grow without any limits. You should not worry about increasing number of employees or documents in your organization. From now, both DocLogix database and WEB application server are compatible with x64 architecture. When used on a 64 bit machine DocLogix 2014 can now use terabytes of operating memory and, as the load increases, the system can be scaled and its performance kept in check by just adding some relatively cheap hardware.

As technology moves forward and global IT hardware and OS providers innovate, we are glad to announce that DocLogix 2014 is now compatible with the newest technologies:

  • Windows Server 2012
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Office 2013

Compatibility with all popular web browsers has been also significantly improved:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari
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