Lithuanian IT engineers have developed solutions that will help companies digitize business processes even more efficiently

Digital transformation has significantly affected all areas and has become an integral part of business on a daily basis. IT engineers of the Lithuanian company DocLogix have developed innovative digital products for the industrial sector that help automate business processes of the company. The developers present a prototype of a digital work application system, employee self-service portal and dynamic event management system Next Gen which has no analogues on the market.


For companies in various industrial sectors, these solutions will help to completely eliminate paper documents and, in the long run, will help to save working time from a few days to a few weeks. Optimization of the internal and external processes of the organization will ensure better quality and communication within the organization and in its work with the customers.


“Procedures that previously took a lot of time to administer will move to the digital space, and all information will be stored in archival files. From now on, administration of various documents and business processes can be much simpler, conveniently managed remotely and with the help of a special self-service portal,” says Natalija Jonušienė, Head of DocLogix.


The company was the first in Lithuania and one of the first in Europe to start using the principles of dynamic case management, on the basis of which it developed the digital product Next Gen. It is currently the most comprehensive enterprise process management solution on the market, integrating business information, users, and processes.


Digitized document management

The authors of the innovative solutions say that one of the processes that can be effectively optimized is personnel document management. This is relevant for business as some companies in the manufacturing sector face a sensitive problem, which is that employees do not have permanent computerized workplaces, they work in the common premises near production lines, which makes it inconvenient for them to write, print and submit various work or annual leave applications. It is also noticeable that administration of these processes takes up a significant part of the working time of personnel specialists and management.


For these reasons, customized solutions are being developed to enable the transfer of time-consuming and non-value-added tasks to technology. One of the many products developed is software, which, when installed in a special employee self-service information terminal, allows a company employee to be identified with an employee ID card or in other ways convenient for the organization. The digital environment of the new self-service portal is user-friendly and convenient, it is distinguished by easy use and ensures a comfortable user experience even for people with lower computer literacy skills.


Software prototype of the self-service information terminal is supplied by the Lithuanian capital company Altum Retail.

The self-service portal and the solutions it offers are just some of the many innovations that Doclogix presents to the public and private sectors. The Lithuanian company is currently expanding its team and plans to create additional jobs for specialists in information technology and other fields.


DocLogix specializes exclusively in the development and implementation of document and process management system. Solutions of the Lithuanian company are used by more than 350 companies and state institutions in various Western European countries and North America. DocLogix has been awarded for the best document and process management solution in Europe, and in 2021 it was included in the list of “TOP company 2021”, the criteria of which are met by only 7% of Lithuanian companies.

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