Document audit

Document management audit

The purpose of this service is to revise the processes of document registration, transfer, and control within an organization, assess their effectiveness, and identify their weaknesses. We offer this audit service to customers who are not yet using a document management system, and also to customers who want to make better use of a previously installed system. After completing the audit, our experts will present conclusions and recommendations on how to perform activities more effectively, what other processes could be automated, and/or propose an implementation plan of the new system.

The most common shortcomings that reduce an organization’s effectiveness are:

  • Document management processes and procedures do not meet legal requirements
  • Document management has not been transferred to the electronic environment
  • Existing document management system is not properly configured and / or employees are not trained to use the system in their everyday work
  • The original paper documents are still used for the exchange of documents in the organization
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