Project management solution

In modern enterprises and institutions, all or most of an organization’s activities are sorted into projects. This makes software solutions essential to successful project management. Project managers who don‘t use IT tools are often lost among a project’s many documents, and have a hard time coordinating the execution of tasks. DocLogix offers a modern solution to effectively manage all project documentation.


  • Initiates any project by letting you easily document a launch, plan project tasks and activities, and assign tasks to members of the project team
  • Monitors how and when project team members carry out the assigned tasks
  • Creates processes customized to the need of the projects, such as agreeing on documents or executing tasks
  • Prepares project status reports
  • Shows the current status of all project documents and tasks (reviewed / approved, in progress / accomplished) and the responsible persons for each task
  • Stores and manages all project-related information (tasks, related documents, contacts) centrally, and shows the detailed history of amendments
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