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We are leaders of document and process management systems. With more than 20 years of experience and serving 350 clients across the globe, our product portfolio includes office management, contract management, HR management, project management, procurement management, meeting management. All these out of the box solutions are built on the top class workflow driven document management system – DocLogix. We serve clients in Government, Energy, and Finance across 13 countries with our certified partner ecosystem and Microsoft Gold Application Development competence. As a result of the continued excellence, DocLogix was twice selected as the best solution for information management in Europe at the European IT and Software Excellence Awards.


DocLogix Vision and Mission


To become a leader in optimizing organizational activities through the implementation of advanced technologies and reducing the use of paper documents. 


Our mission is to provide organizations with efficient and sustainable technologies that reduce the use of paper documents while simultaneously establishing high operational standards. We are committed to changing the ways businesses and organizations operate, aiming to streamline their daily work and contribute to the development of a sustainable and efficient business environment.

Facts about DocLogix

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About Product

DocLogix™ – an adaptable, configurable, and easy-to-scale document and business process management solution. It is dedicated to processing, managing, storing, and accessing information using smart and simple methods. This exceptional document management solution allows users to create, adjust, and monitor business workflows without specific IT knowledge. DocLogix is powered by dynamic features including OCR and business analytics, plus document importing, scanning, reporting, storing, searching, retrieving, and more. You can choose to use DocLogix on-premise or in the Cloud. DocLogix integrates with MS Office, SAP, NAV, etc. and allows users to gain control over unstructured content as well as reap tangible benefits while still using their favorite work environment (mobile, e-mail, web browser, MS Office).

Workflow management

DocLogix is a workflow-centric, secure, compliant, and instantly accessible document management system. User-friendly built-in workflow management tools allow users with no specific IT knowledge to change, update, or create basic and complex organizational processes. Thanks to our graphical workflow designer, you will be “drawing” information-related processes instead of programming them. The system itself performs automated workflow steps such as e-mail distribution and document registration. Ready-to-use business solutions like contract management, procurement management, and more may also come with a library of build-in workflows.

Flexible deployment

Each organization is unique. Based on the size, goals, and other factors, one may decide to implement ECM on-premise while another will go for SaaS ECM in the Cloud. Both ways are effective options, and both are available for DocLogix clients. DocLogix offers three deployment options: On-premise, Cloud, and hybrid.

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DocLogix is seamlessly integrated with MS Office programs (Outlook, MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.), making it not only highly productive but user friendly as well. Additional substantial benefits are available through DocLogix integrations with third-party solutions, such as ERP (SAP, MS Dynamics NAV and AX, Epicor scala), MS Sharepoint, Konica Minolta, DropBox, SalesForce, and more. The list is endless, because DocLogix provides API to its customers and partners for any integration in the sector. DocLogix SDK web services allow for the creation of almost any kind of integration.

Smart capture

Let time-consuming, low-value add but still necessary tasks be done by technology. DocLogix assures flexibility by capturing information in any file type from any device and physical location (MS Outlook, MS office, scanner, attached file from directory, Gmail). Convenient scanning allows the capture of a high volume of documents, avoiding costly and time-consuming physical shipping. Smart capture means DocLogix can recognize captured information through OCR (optical text recognition), and automatically classify and process it.

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Information should be treated as an asset. Analyzing, measuring information flows, actions, and processes performance helps you to control business much better. DocLogix can help – it generates reports related to documents, tasks, and processes, and also provides a tool for adjusting a report’s interface to match common templates.


DocLogix uses a number of tools to ensure security, and our platform is successfully used in institutions where information security is critical. The system is designed using the most modern standards of security in order to detect and remove dangerous situations before they result in system malfunctions or breaches.

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DocLogix mobile application creates access to your DocLogix documents and tasks on the go using your iOS and Android devices. You can review, agree on, and endorse documents, and assign tasks directly from your smartphone or tablet PC: mobility for higher productivity.


DocLogix is often called a collaborative content management system. By providing a large set of tools, it allows multiple users to edit the same document, track changes and actions, and receive notifications. Mobile as well as digital signature increases the level of collaboration through instant approvals and confirmations.

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