Optimize Your Operations With Document Digitalization


Use DocLogix Portal to completely eliminate paper documents and centralise every step of document management: creation, delegation, approval, signing, storage, and more.

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4x faster document management

With DocLogix Portal, document-related processes become four times faster company-wide.

Up to 50% time savings

Employees save up to 50% of the time previously spent on document administration.

Key features for your team

Qualified e-signatures for all

Allow your employees and partners to easily sign documents using qualified e-signature, track document status, send reminders.

Effortless request management

Easily submit and approve internal requests, such as request for vacation, business trip, WFH. All standard requests follow a predefined process and are stored in one place.

Streamlined internal processes

Quickly introduce all employees with new internal procedures and company-wide documents and easily manage reminders for pending actions like signatures, or approvals.

Fast and convenient document search

Find documents quickly and easily. Filter and search by various criteria (title, author, status). Categorize and organize documents with tags and folders.

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