Office management solution

Electronic document management is many times more effective than the traditional, paper-based model. As a result, more and more organizations have begun using document management systems and usually they start with basic office documents and processes. DocLogix solution can help to create order and efficiency in the office while reducing costs and frustration.
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Contract management solution

DocLogix contract management solution helps reduce the risks related to contracts. It facilitates preparation, agreement, approval, signing, storage, and further management of all types of contracts. You will experience the benefits of the solution immediately after you start using it.
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Meeting management solution

Organizations that do not use IT tools to manage meetings face a number of problems: the meeting agenda is sent late and participants can’t prepare properly; no reminder is sent so people forget about the meeting; and/or the implementation of decisions made during a meeting is too slow, to name just a few issues. All of this reduces a company’s efficacy while increasing costs. DocLogix offers a modern and convenient way to manage meetings and reduce hassle.
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Procurement management solution

Out-of-the-box DocLogix solution for procurement management is dedicated to accelerating and automating the procurement and supply process, as well as cutting operational costs. It also makes the whole process more transparent and easier to track. Our solution is widely used by modern organisations to centralise and manage procurement activities such as issuing and approving purchase requests, gathering and evaluating proposals, issuing purchase orders, approving invoices, storing information about suppliers and deals, and analysing procurement information.
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Project management solution

In modern enterprises and institutions, all or most of an organization’s activities are sorted into projects. This makes software solutions essential to successful project management. Project managers who don‘t use IT tools are often lost among a project’s many documents, and have a hard time coordinating the execution of tasks. DocLogix offers a modern solution to effectively manage all project documentation.
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Human resources management solution

DocLogix HR technology solution is an all-in-one completely flexible HR platform to support the ever-changing needs of the modern HR environment. This is a one-stop-shop for employee self-management as well as an invaluable resource for HR managers, supervisors, department heads and business owners – ideal for employers of any size.
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DocLogix compliance solution

DocLogix Compliance Solution is the result brought to you by allying knowledge, documentation and technology together. It brings documentation, automated rules, notifications, improvement measurements and consulting services in one single secure system.
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DocLogix Time and Expense Tracking/Reporting

DocLogix Time Management Solution covers time and expense tracking and reporting. It allows for an equitable and transparent spread of workloads, and suitable expense allocations to a certain customer/project/product unit. The DocLogix software also fully automates the preparation of billing reports and covers such functionalities as the internal supervision of employees and B2B cooperation processes.
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Laboratory Management

DocLogix Laboratory Management solution is dedicated to automating and streamlining the main processes of a laboratory. This smart solution will help you to better manage your lab’s inventory, maximize the effectiveness of your sample analyses/test processing, and reduce the time devoted to the creation of reports.
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Work Orders Management

The DocLogix Work Orders Management solution is composed of a set of tools which bring automation, flexibility, traceability and transparency to the management of manufacturing projects. The solution helps to better manage workflows and projects, creates priority lists of tasks, gathers all the work orders and/or project-related documentation together in one place, monitors the performances of employees, and eliminates the need for continuous follow-ups.
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Risk and Incident Management

The DocLogix Risk and Incident Management solution is designed to cover two main manufacturing business areas – risk treatment and incident management. This secure, flexible and simple solution will help you to keep track of the incidents that happen in your company, standardise your plan of corrective actions, and create an automatic workflow of preventive or corrective actions, to better manage incidents and the related risks.
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Machine Maintenance

The flexible and inexpensive DocLogix Machine Maintenance solution was created to help effectively manage everyday activities related to industrial machines by reducing the time and effort needed for planning and performing these activities.
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Customer Claims Management

The DocLogix Customer Claims Management solution is dedicated to one thing – efficient and automatic claims management for manufacturing companies. It is the most flexible and powerful way to manage all types of claim, from warranty and post-warranty maintenance to product claims.
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Client Relationship Management (CRM)

The DocLogix basic CRM solution is a helpful tool for organisations that want to involve all relevant personnel in information management for clients (for activities such as tracking, monitoring, editing and analysis).
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GDPR tools

In order to offer our customers tools and solutions suitable for the implementation of the new legal acts and regulations, we are bringing you the tools we have developed for the DocLogix system.
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