Human resources management solution

DocLogix HR technology solution is an all-in-one completely flexible HR platform to support the ever-changing needs of the modern HR environment. This is a one-stop-shop for employee self-management as well as an invaluable resource for HR managers, supervisors, department heads and business owners – ideal for employers of any size.

Automated and effective HR documents and processes management

  • Recruitment management
  • Permissions management
  • On-boarding and exit management
  • Absence management (apply, track and manage absence, leave, paid time-off, overtime and shifts)
  • Employee dashboards (provide all employee-related information at a glance)
  • Personnel profile management (employee documents, contracts, certificates, photos, contacts etc.)
  • Collaboration (allowing communications and requests between the HR department, Line Manager, and the employee)
Results you can expect from DocLogix Human Resources management solution
  • 100% transparency and control of personnel documents
  • 80% less routine paperwork associated with human resources management
  • 69% improved user experience for employees, managers, and HR teams
  • 50% less time spent processing employee information and answering questions


  • Manages personnel documents separately from other documents in the company.
  • Creates strict control for access to personnel documents.
  • Sorts personnel documents (by employee, by document type, etc.).
  • Sends reminders about the ending of fixed-term contracts.
  • Easily introduces staff to new procedures by entering a new document into the system.
  • Shows what procedures were reviewed by whom and when.
  • Sends reminders about employees who have not yet reviewed the necessary documents.
  • Sends reminders about the termination or validity of certain procedures.
HR Management

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DocLogix Human Resources management solution, an enterprise solution available for small, mid-sized to enterprise organisations. A business-friendly and adaptive interface, personalised dashboards and view depending on permissions and individual roles, a set of ready to use automated HR workflows, the highest levels of personalised security and a full digital toolkit to meet your HR needs.  

We believe that with the help of DocLogix document management, our company became faster, more effective, and more functional. I would recommend DocLogix to other organizations seeking the highest quality and the highest performance indicators.

Gerimantas Bakanas, Head of the General Division, Klaipedos nafta
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