Triple D Bending

Triple D Bending

Triple D Bending is a recognised pipe-bending company in Canada. It has been in operation since 1986 and has 63 dedicated employees on board. As a unique company with industry-leading techniques, facilities and services that enable it to bend pipes to specific requirements, its services are used by many industry leaders. It operates in an extremely competitive and sensitive market, and continuously invests in state-of-the-art technologies that allow it to provide the most efficient and reliable services to customers.

Triple D Bending must meet the rigorous demands of many different markets, such as the oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, structural and architectural, and agricultural sectors. Although the company already has the best equipment and engineers, it has decided to become even more efficient. After a thorough investigation, it found many areas that need their internal processes to be optimised. The decision was made to bring in a modern solution to manage these processes. The company needed a customisable document management system with the highest level of security. It wanted to track all the details and changes in documents, as well as receive proactive notifications.

“The proposals we evaluated were either expensive customised projects with even more expensive post-project support or out-of-the-box products that were no use for our specific needs. One day we came across a product that had been nominated as the best information and document management system in Europe… And that’s where our journey with DocLogix began.”

Maros Tropp, President of Triple D Bending

Implemented solution and the results

  • Effective management of project documentation

During the manufacturing process for a product, a large quantity of documentation is created. In the past, this was time-consuming and there was a risk that not all the documentation required would be provided to the customer with their product. With DocLogix, this process has become more efficient and the possibility of any missing documentation has been significantly reduced. We have also been able to store all our documents in a logical structure.

Furthermore, the process for collecting documents is now automated. The system pulls up the correct documents for shipment and provides shipment information such as notifications, tracking and delivery confirmation. This has given the process more transparency, thus eliminating any miscommunication and mistakes.

  • Effective management of equipment maintenance

Triple D Bending has implemented the management of equipment maintenance using DocLogix. Each machine and part has its own service documentation, making things easy to track and find out what needs servicing when using the system. The system also sends a reminder when maintenance is required for a particular part or machine, removing the possibility of missing a maintenance check. There are thus no technical surprises for either the company or its customers.

  • Effective management of the calibration of measuring equipment

At most companies, calibration information for equipment is managed manually. Unlike elsewhere, each device at Triple D Bending is described in systems that include information about their associated calibration procedures. DocLogix provides upcoming dates for calibration procedures and proactive notifications.

Rokas Radziunas01“We were surprised by the exceptional customer service provided by the staff at DocLogix during the evaluation process. The depth and quality of the consultations they provided were worthy of respect, but what we liked most was the system itself. DocLogix appeared to be a powerful platform, yet was still very easy to understand and configure. Our people have already made amazing progress, and all without any programming. We have already configured solutions for the management of meetings, equipment and maintenance management. We knew the vendor had solutions that were ready to install, but we chose to go down the platform route because of our company’s specifications.”

Rokas Radziunas, Process Improvement Manager at Triple D Bending
  • Meeting management

Shortly after using the functionality for meeting management, Triple D Bending noticed that its meetings had become much more productive. Participants are reminded to send information relevant to the meeting before it takes place, allowing everyone to get acquainted with it. During the meeting, the moderator issues and puts related tasks straight into the system. It is also easy to handle and review all outstanding tasks that relate to previous meetings. Uncompleted tasks automatically appear in the agenda for an upcoming meeting. The task-completion dashboard has provided a much better tracking system and meeting protocols are available in a single format and unified view, with appropriate data collected automatically from preparation reports.

  • Not just a standard document-management system

DocLogix provides Triple D Bending with a number of user-friendly functionalities such as powerful search, document versioning, previews, grabbing and others, but the real added value for Triple D Bending comes from the software-modelling capabilities of DocLogix. In fact, DocLogix can be considered a platform for business-application modelling with which the process-improvement manager at Triple D Bending can successfully deploy configurations in various business areas.

  • Inbuilt potential

For future phases of deployment, Triple D Bending plans to use the capabilities of the DocLogix workflow engine in many business areas. After deep investigation during a trial phase, Triple D Bending found that the workflow possibilities were even more advanced than expected. As a company, we plan to use DocLogix not only to control the flow of documentation, but also that of organisational processes.

Read article written by Rokas Radziunas, Triple D Bending process improvement manager.

Read Rokas Radziunas article and find out what does it take to manage information and documents in a manufacturing company.

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