Wrębowa Sp. z o.o.

Wrębowa, a leading Polish manufacturing company, produces equipment (bucket elevators, belt conveyors, filter presses, etc.) and steel constructions designed for the mining and energy sectors. The company also performs the repair and mounting services of equipment, and metal treatment services. Established in 1998, Wrębowa now employs more than 50 certified professionals.

“We aim at the effective management of company documents, digitalising the majority of processes of our operations in a system, and the improvement of the quality management system. The professional attitude of the DocLogix team towards the implementation of the system allowed the achievement of excellent planned results, and now we receive substantial benefit. The solution was fully adjusted to our needs. Today we use DocLogix for the management of technical documentation, the automation of operational processes, and many other areas”.

Grzegorz Beszczyński, Head of the Quality Management System

Implemented solution and the results

Following the implementation of DocLogix the costs of operations were significantly reduced, because tasks suitable for handwork can now be performed faster and more efficiently. With DocLogix all documents are managed in a transparent and structured manner, which helps to avoid delayed performance. Transparency and traceability has improved. The client is also satisfied with the low cost of system support, and the option to expand the system’s functions.

DocLogix was fully adapted to the needs of a production company which now enjoys benefits in many areas:

  • Digitalised and traceable customer communication management

The system registers all documents related to clients and related information (contact details, commercial offers, concluded agreements, transfer and acceptance deeds, etc.). This helps to efficiently manage the sales process and its separate stages.

  • More efficient production process management

Automated processes allow for the smooth implementation of the production process. Once a production order is placed, it is separated into composite parts, responsible persons are assigned, and tasks are created related to the preparation of various documents and orders for raw materials. When the production is started, the system registered the status of the process. In the final stage the product is presented to a client and an invoice is issued, which is reflected in the client management sub-system. Before a product is presented to a client all documents must be drawn up. Seeking automation of recurrent tasks and ensuring consistency of the documents, documents are prepared using templates approved by a client. DocLogix draws up a consignment note and selects the accompanying documents for a corresponding product. The system also stores other documents related to the production process (technical drawings, CNC programme data, estimates, employee qualification certificates, inspection reports of production equipment, etc.).

  • Improved quality management system

Wrębowa operates in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard, and DocLogix ensures proper compliance with the required procedures: automatic notifications to inform about a pending mandatory inspection of technical equipment or ending validity of employee qualification certificates. Additionally, the DocLogix system stores relevant procedures and instructions of the quality management system. The ISO standard requires that all documents of an organisation are secure, while any modifications of documents are easily traceable. This is ensured by the DocLogix system. Moreover, all documents and other objects in the system are interrelated, which makes finding any information very easy. For example, when you find a commercial offer, all related documents are shown, i.e. internal orders for the production department, agreements with subcontractors, work acceptance and transfer deeds, etc.

  • More efficient claim management

The management of claims related to defective products have become significantly more efficient, because the DocLogix system shows the entire history in a glimpse of time when the identification number of a product is entered. The system displays the materials used in production and the employees performing the production process, as well as all the related documents and documents sent to a client. This allows to quickly identify and solve issues at hand. 

  • More efficient customer communication management

DocLogix is used to order raw materials or to buy services from third parties. After the announcement of a procurement process, the system registers the offers of suppliers, the responsible persons perform the selection of suppliers, and finally, agreements are drawn up, which are then stored in the system. DocLogix allows to see all the history related to a specific supplier and to carry out a reliability assessment of a supplier.

  • Automated calculation of operations evaluation indicators

Upon the request of the client, a special function for the calculation of the operations indicators allowing to assess the efficiency of operations was designed. It now helps to calculate the ratio of presented commercial offers and signed agreements, the ratio of received and solved claims related to manufacturing defects, and other indicators of operations. This information can be filtered according to a specific period, client and other parameters. This is especially relevant for the company management, which sees the indicators of operations and can adopt corresponding solutions.

  • Increased transparency of organisation and traceability of actions

The DocLogix system registers all performed actions, which can be presented as a report. This is particularly relevant to claim management and ensures high quality standards. The system registers who and what actions were performed in the manufacturing process, stores records, comments, and all documentation.

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