DocLogix partner Lattelecom Technology has changed its name to T2T


As of 23th of September, Lattelecom Technology, a subsidiary of Tet, changes its name to T2T, presenting the new brand and the vision of the company’s development. This transformation is a logical step within the framework of change processes of the entire Tet group.


About the new brand


The main concept of T2T brand is “creative logic” or “from logic to creativity”: the first “T” in the title means technology, business and logic, the second one means creativity, passion, new, non-standard solutions and growth. Meanwhile, the two in English are also used as the preposition “to”, and it connects the two parts. The concept is evidenced by a new logo consisting of two hemispheres of the brain – the union of logic and creativity.  T2T will focus on developing creative and flexible software solutions, strengthening its positions in private business and export. At the same time, we will also provide ready-made solutions and continue to work with international technology flagships like DocLogix, Click Software, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and others.

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