DocLogix SAAS Portal

Workplace Safety Documentation Management

Our Documentation Management system not only ensures compliance and safety but also fosters a culture of awareness and responsibility. Advanced reporting features allow for real-time insights into safety metrics, helping you identify and mitigate risks before they become issues. Tailor the system to suit your industry’s specific regulations and enjoy a more proactive approach to workplace safety, ensuring not just legal compliance but also the well-being of your team.

Electronic Forms Creation for Application-Gathering Organizations

Electronic Forms Creation tool goes beyond simplification, offering dynamic form elements and integration capabilities with your existing databases and systems. This ensures that the data collected is not only accurate but also easily transferable for further analysis. Improve response rates and quality of data with user-friendly interfaces and customizable templates, making the application process as efficient as possible for both the applicant and your organization.

Document Management for Small Businesses

Document Management solution is designed with scalability in mind, allowing your document management strategy to grow alongside your business. Benefit from advanced search capabilities, version control, and secure sharing options. Reduce overheads by minimizing physical storage needs and streamlining document retrieval processes, freeing up valuable time and resources for core business activities.

Electronic Document Endorsement Solution

 Streamline your approval processes with our Electronic Document Endorsement Solution. Enable multiple stakeholders to review and endorse documents simultaneously, cutting down the waiting time significantly. With robust security measures in place, rest assured that every endorsement is legally binding and tamper-evident, maintaining the highest level of integrity for your documents.

Portal for Third-party Document Signing

DocLogix Portal is built with flexibility and security at its core. It accommodates various document types and signing scenarios, from simple acknowledgements to complex agreements. The portal features a detailed audit trail for each document, providing clear visibility into the signing process and ensuring compliance with international standards and laws.

Contract Creation and Signing (with Collaboration)

Enhance your contracting processes with features like template libraries, clause databases, and automated workflows. Our tool facilitates not only the creation and signing of contracts but also post-signature management, including contract renewals and amendments. Collaborate effectively with internal and external parties, ensuring all negotiations and changes are tracked and approved in a centralized system.

Document Admission Solution for Higher Education and Schools

 Our Admission Solution automates and manages the entire document lifecycle, from submission to archiving. It integrates seamlessly with other educational platforms and databases, ensuring a smooth transition of student records and administrative documents. By reducing manual handling, institutions can dedicate more resources to student services and educational excellence.

Energy Sector 

Designed to meet the rigorous demands of the energy sector, our solution provides an end-to-end contract management platform. From drafting and negotiation to execution and compliance monitoring, manage all aspects of your contracts efficiently. Our tool also offers advanced features for risk assessment, helping you navigate the complexities of energy contracts and ensure operational continuity.

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