DocLogix’s 18 th birthday!

We are delighted to be together and congratulate everyone on DocLogix’s 18 th birthday!

Do you know that 18-teen years ago, DocLogix’s story began with two programmer enthusiasts who worked on large IT projects that could never understand one thing: Why are companies investing millions in “money management” i.e. accounting systems, business management systems, but not taking any care of their intellectual assets, i.e. information management?

The team started with the sole goal of offering companies a solution that enables them to create a comfortable, flexible and efficient space for document, task and process management. This was how the first version of the DocLogix, which was not yet a name at the time, appeared in 1998. 5 years later, on February 25, 2003, DocLogix UAB was founded. Today, DocLogix is recognised as one of the best information and document management solutions in Europe.

Birthday presents for you!

We invite you to a FREE consultation on your company’s document management or e-signing issues.

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