DocLogix for manufacturing can be easily adapted
to meet specific needs of the company.

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DocLogix combines and automates
all manufacturing processes and adapts
according to individual needs of the company.

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DocLogix platform for manufacturing companies
boosts performance, allows greater transparency
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About DocLogix manufacturing

DocLogix manufacturing is an excellent information and business process management platform. It is a set of applications specifically designed to help manufacturing companies to cope with information chaos, gain transparency, traceability and increase productivity. DocLogix applications automate and organize information flows, tasks, reminders in manufacturing administration and production.

DocLogix not only integrates with your ERP system but complements it. Alongside an extensive list of ready-to-use business specific applications, DocLogix is also distinguished for its flexibility. The platform adjusts to company’s specifics without the need for any programming.


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Why DocLogix?

DocLogix is a BIG, affordable document and business process management SOLUTION for small and medium size manufacturing companies. It is an infrastructure, which perfectly organizes and connects people, departments, and business units through information into one harmonized, productive and efficient, regulations compliant business organism. Click here to find out more about DocLogix for manufacturing companies.

Here at DocLogix we understand that value delivered by manufacturing companies is to not just in the sale of a product, but in all of the related manufacturing processes. The best way to describe it is QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND SAFETY. Certainly, it is possible to gather all preparatory documents manually at every single stage of the manufacturing process. But is it efficient? No. So why should you do things manually instead of choosing an advanced document and process management solution?

DocLogix Manufacturing


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DocLogix manufacturing platform has helped small and mid-sized manufacturing companies all around the world to achieve:

Reduction of labor costs per produced itemProductivity increaseOverall traceability and visibility increaseFull control, no more forgotten tasksIncreased overall cooperation and responsibility

Reduction of labor costs per produced item

Productivity increase

Overall traceability and visibility increase

Full control, no more forgotten tasks

Increased overall cooperation and responsibility

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Office management
Solution can help to createContract management
It is a modern solution forMeeting management
DocLogix offers a modern and

Office management

Solution can help to create order and efficiency in the office while reducing costs and frustration.

Contract management

It is a modern solution for the smart and simple management of contracts.

Meeting management

DocLogix offers a modern and convenient way to manage meetings and reduce hassle.

Procurement management
DocLogix solution allowsProject management
DocLogix offers a modernHuman resources management
Perfect choice for

Procurement management

DocLogix solution allows you to both organize and speed up your procurement processes.

Project management

DocLogix offers a modern solution to effectively manage all project documentation.

Human resources management

Perfect choice for managing particularly sensitive personnel-related information.

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DocLogix is a smart system, which can be easily adapted to meet specific needs of the company.
An intuitive environment is very useful for new app creation or DocLogix integration with other systems.DocLogix technical differentiation in manufacturing sector. 
In addition to ready-to-use business apps, DocLogix is distinguished for connecting, processing and managing not only documents, but any business object (email, order, contract, task, labor unit, contact, machine etc.), enabling smart and efficient overall business operational activities.
For example you will be able to:

  • Link standards, regulations and requirements with the existing processes,
  • Control work orders, equipment management and monitor employee’s work hours,
  • Easily manage thousands of documents and create an environment friendly manufacturing company (no more printing costs!).

Clients about DocLogix

The proposals we evaluated were either expensive customised projects with even more expensive post-project support or out-of-the-box products that were no use for our specific needs. One day we came across a product that had been nominated as the best information and document management system in Europe… And that’s where our journey with DocLogix began.
Maros Tropp, President of Triple D Bending
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Clients about DocLogix

The professional attitude of the DocLogix team towards the implementation of the system allowed the achievement of excellent planned results, and now we receive substantial benefit. The solution was fully adjusted to our needs. Today we use DocLogix for the management of technical documentation, the automation of operational processes, and many other areas.
Grzegorz Beszczyński, Head of the Quality Management System, Wrębowa
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Clients about DocLogix

Our company manages one of the most modern oil terminals in Europe; therefore, we had to choose a reliable solution for document management. We believe that with the help of DocLogix document management, our company became faster, more effective, and more functional. I would recommend DocLogix to other organizations seeking the highest quality and the highest performance indicators.
Gerimantas Bakanas, Head of the General Division, Klaipedos nafta AB
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Some of our clients in the manufacturing sector


Construction and repairPipe-bending companyOil terminalBeverage companyBeverage companyPackaging company

Construction and repair

Pipe-bending company

Oil terminal

Beverage company

Beverage company

Packaging company

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