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DocLogix is a BIG, affordable document and business process management SOLUTION for small and medium size manufacturing companies. It is an infrastructure, which perfectly organizes and connects people, departments, and business units through information into one harmonized, productive and efficient, regulations compliant business organism.

Manufacturing sector companies choose DocLogix document and process management system for its high adaptability and flexibility. Documents in the system are operated in a transparent and structured way, which helps to avoid delays. Manufacturing companies use these DocLogix solutions: technical documentation management, meeting management, project management, procurement management, human resources management, and so on.

Resolve POD issues instantly with DocLogix!

Advantages of DocLogix:

  • Reducing credit to customers;
  • Controlling inventory of stock;
  • Integration with ERP and core systems;
  • Automatic classification of documents;
  • Grab and reconcile POD information with other internal systems;
  • Advanced search functionality: quick and simple search of internal documents;
  • Scan documents directly into DocLogix;
  • Single sign-on for Microsoft Active Directory;
  • Automate internal processes.

Benefits of DocLogix for clients in the manufacturing sector:

  • 95% faster information retrieval;
  • Up to 60% faster agreement negotiation;
  • About 35% decrease in workload related to the information processes;
  • Ensured compliance with the provided procedures (ISO and other standards);
  • Effective supplier relationship management.


Relevant quality management system procedures and instructions are kept in DocLogix system (which is very important in order to ensure safe, high quality, competitive work):

  • Work order management
  • Time reporting
  • Cooperation management (subcontractor orders)
  • Project documentation management
  • Technical documentation management
  • Production / Manufacturing
  • Equipment management
  • Calendar for equipment calibration management
  • Inventory management
  • Parts catalog management
  • CNC program management
  • Professional certificates management
  • ISO compliance management
  • Business Process Indicators management
  • Internal Knowledge Base management
  • Preventive actions management
  • Repair actions management
  • Risks management
  • CRM (support of Sales process)
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Claim management
  • Meeting management


DocLogix technical differentiation in manufacturing sector.

In addition to ready-to-use business apps, DocLogix is distinguished for connecting, processing and managing not only documents, but any business object (email, order, contract, task, labor unit, contact, machine etc.), enabling smart and efficient overall business operational activities.

For example you will be able to:

  • Link standards, regulations and requirements with the existing processes,
  • Control work orders, equipment management and monitor employee’s work hours,
  • Easily manage thousands of documents and create an environment friendly manufacturing company (no more printing costs!).

Some of our clients in the manufacturing sector


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