Today, our product is available through a network of reliable and certified partners in more than 12 countries. We strive to help our partners maintain and increase their competencies, and we actively share our expertise and resources with them.

Why partner with DocLogix?

  • Expand your product portfolio with a workflow-centric document and process management system. DocLogix allows you to offer high-quality products to your customers without having to invest in their development.
  • Receive income for DocLogix installation, maintenance, training and licence renewal.


“At first it was hard to believe someone could invest so much attention and resources into your education and support. DocLogix even helped us to create the solution for our niche customers, not mentioning created marketing materials. They truly care about customers and partners.”
Kulvinder Reyatt, CEO at Brite Advice.

How we work with partners?

  • Partner onboarding
    DocLogix starts this process with 1-2 weeks of training, held at the partner’s office. During this period, we aim to train and certify at least 1 of the partner’s employees to set up and run the DocLogix system. In addition, at least 1 real installation will be completed during this time, providing the partner with quick revenue. Our consultants, who have at least 7 years of experience with the system, will provide the training. We believe in personal relationships, so we ask the partner to provide at least 1 fully dedicated employee during this period.
  • Quality, not quantity
    DocLogix does not onboard more than 2 partners at the same time. We believe that only with dedication and attention to partners can we achieve major synergies and long-term goals.
  • Partner’s account
    Somebody from the DocLogix senior executive team will be the key account partner. This person can be reached by phone during the partner’s working hours to solve major problems. Dedicated project managers will solve all daily and technical questions.
  • 24/5 support
    24/5 support is proposed to all partners. It can be extended to 24/7 through a separate request.
  • Support during the sales process
    DocLogix wants to help partners in the sales process. We do this by preparing a live demo for the specific requirements that the customer of a partner may have. Our experience shows that a live demo exponentially increases the probability of winning a deal. The cost of this work is split 50/50 between the partner and DocLogix. We also assists in preparing webcasts.
  • 100% channel
    DocLogix does not compete with partners or target the end-customer market.
  • Marketing
    DocLogix loves joint marketing actions. Our marketing team helps partners to prepare material, and we co-invest in events and campaigns. DocLogix partners receive hot leads from our website and digital marketing activities. A partner can spend up to 7% from their annual DocLogix sales on marketing initiatives.
  • Revenue potential
    The DocLogix system allows the establishment of and support for a partner’s business with less-experienced staff and cheaper resources. This is achieved through the extremely powerful DocLogix platform and visual-workflow designer. On top of that, a partner that reaches $100,000 in sales per year receives 50% of the revenues from licences the following year.
  • Policy for new solutions built by partners
    Each partner can build their own solutions on the DocLogix platform and use them for their competitive advantage. DocLogix architects will train the partner how to do this.

Recommended reading: read Aurimas Bakas,  a Chairman of the Board at DocLogix, articles about the vendor/partner relationship.

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