DocLogix Cloud ECM

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DocLogix Cloud ECM is a perfect choice for relatively small organizations or those who would like to eliminate implementation costs (such as server costs).

Why DocLogix Cloud ECM

As an exceptional document management solution that allows users to create, adjust, and monitor document-related business workflows without specific IT knowledge, DocLogix helps companies gain absolute control over business-critical content at a remarkably low cost.

DocLogix Cloud ECM provides tools to manage your Office documents, contracts, invoices, meeting protocols, and more in the Cloud. DocLogix Cloud ECM integrates with leading market vendors such as Gmail, Box, Dropbox, and MS Office, allowing users to gain control over unstructured content as well as reap tangible benefits while still using their favorite work environment (mobile, e-mail, web browser, MS Office). Various information storage options are available, including file servers, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

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