Mobile access

DocLogix mobile application allows you to access your DocLogix documents and tasks with your iOS and Android devices. You can review, agree on, and endorse documents, as well as assign tasks directly from your smartphone or tablet PC.

With DocLogix mobile application you can perform the following actions:

  • Open, review, and endorse documents
  • Execute, reject, or delegate tasks
  • View document and task logs
  • Preview document attachments
  • Download document attachments

Prerequisites: Minimal version of the DocLogix 2012 system.

If you are not yet a DocLogix user, you are welcome to download the application, connect to the demo system, and give it a whirl. You’ll quickly discover what our other mobile customers already know: DocLogix mobile is easy and convenient to use. (Demo is only available for iOS devices).

For any technical issues, please contact the DocLogix system administrator in your organization or DocLogix support center:
Call: +44 20 3695 3472


DocLogix Android mobile application instructional video

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