Client Relationship Management (CRM)

The DocLogix basic Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution – an effective way to manage relationships with your customers

The DocLogix basic CRM solution is a helpful tool for organisations that want to involve all relevant personnel in information management for clients (for activities such as tracking, monitoring, editing and analysis).

This DocLogix CRM product is a valuable tool for managers of sales teams, sales specialists, sales and product strategists, marketing teams, and specialists responsible for delivery and claims management. This solution brings more visibility to day-to-day tasks and helps with the effective collection, management and analysis of information related to a particular sale. The product is complimentary to other DocLogix solutions.

The DocLogix basic CRM tool offers only the necessary features for a cost-effective price, and does not compete with sophisticated stand-alone CRM applications.

For even better organisational management, we recommend using the basic CRM solution integrated with other ready-to-use business-specific applications (created on the DocLogix information and business process management platform), such as:

  • Work Orders Management solution;
  • Procurement Management solution;
  • Time and Expenses Tracking and Reporting;
  • Other solutions.

What you will get:

  • Document-management capabilities related to sales and marketing tasks.
  • Structured access to the full history of sales processes.
  • Differentiation of information by business unit. This functionality is particularly useful for companies that have a long-term relationship with one client. You will be able to filter information by different products or business proposals for a single company.
  • Measurement of the efforts of salespeople.
  • Analysis of the actions of sales teams and the effects of these on sales processes.
  • An information database that can easily be exchanged with customers.
  • The ability to leave notes on actions taken.

Who can benefit from this solution?


  • Sales forecasts – this solution gives managers the opportunity to precisely measure the potential fulfilment of sales goals.
  • Detailed information about sales processes – the basic CRM solution provides detailed information about sales processes (such as information on the achievement of certain milestones in a process).
  • Information about sales opportunities – a manager can easily extract all information needed for new sales, such as comments and actions already taken.
  • Measurement of the efforts of salespeople – this solution serves as a knowledge base that contains elements such as reports, project documentation and a complete history of each deal.


  • Database of the actions of sales specialists – the solution provides all comments and notes on actions taken so far in a compact form. This serves to help control and plan the next action dates.
  • Database of information exchanged with the customer – you will be able to keep all information related to the customer in the system (such as emails, proposals and orders).
  • Information-sharing tool – you will be able to share all relevant information about a sales opportunity among the sales team working on it.


  • Source of information about customer behaviour – this solution could serve as an initial source of information needed to shape a product and/or service portfolio.
  • Feedback on the loss of an opportunity – the basic CRM solution could provide feedback on the loss of an opportunity. This can help in making improvements to the portfolio and/or sales approach.


  • Information about the generation of sales opportunities – this solution allows you to store information about the generation of sales opportunities, such as “This will able you to make informed conclusions and better decisions about an appropriate breakdown for the next marketing budget or adjust current efforts.


  • Information and documents database – the basic CRM solution can serve as a flexible and easily accessible database for information and documents (such as records of proposals, orders and contracts). There is also the option to assign a root proposal, order or sales contract for the solution when registering the work order or project using the DocLogix Work Orders Management product.

Benefits of the solution

  • 100% TRACEABILITY – everything going on with regard to sales will be tracked.
  • 100% SECURITY – employees can access information strictly in line with the rights they are assigned.
  • 60% easier sales- and marketing-related DOCUMENTATION MANAGEMENT – everything is stored in one place.
  • Better QUALITY CONTROL – the solution serves as a tool for information analysis.
  • Better DECISION-MAKING – with this solution, you will be able to make informed decisions.

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