Risk and Incident Management

DocLogix Risk and Incident Management solution – for your safety and compliance

The DocLogix Risk and Incident Management solution is designed to cover two main manufacturing business areas – risk treatment and incident management. We understand that when an incident occurs, everything can quickly become a complicated mess, which leads to losses of time, expensive resources and money. That’s why we have developed a solution which covers any kind of incident that could potentially happen in the manufacturing sector (material-based, health and safety-based and financially-based incidents). This secure, flexible and simple solution will help you to keep track of the incidents that happen in your company, standardise your plan of corrective actions, and create an automatic workflow of preventive or corrective actions, to better manage incidents and the related risks.

Risk and Incident Management

Who can benefit from this solution?


This solution is useful for every employee. When every individual knows where to find the necessary information, as well as who is responsible for taking the corrective actions and what documents need to be filled in afterwards, it is easy to avoid tragic consequences which could lead to financial losses, lawsuits or the closure of a business.

Benefits of the solution

Regardless of the size or nature of your business, managing and tracking the incidents that could lead to injuries or employee illnesses, environmental harm or property damage, can be challenging. Therefore, the DocLogix Risk and Incident Management solution helps to put the right actions in place to manage the risks and prevent incidents.

Preventive task assignment

  • Better DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION with a system of automatic workflows and notifications.
  • An INCIDENT HISTORY OVERVIEW is useful for data analyses, post deployments of corrective actions and for the measurement and analysis of those actions.
  • CLEAR RESPONSIBILITY leads to increased employee accountability.
  • TRANSPARENT and STANDARDISED registration of the incidents.
  • Immediately corrected incidents.
  • Precise EVALUATION OF THE RISKS in different categories (including the likelihood of failure, maximum period of failure that could be sustained, impact on business, etc.) to give the ability to prioritise the preventive actions, which should be undertaken in the right focus and order.
  • Constant MINIMISATION OF THE POSSIBILITY OF INCIDENTS with the risk tracking functionality.
  • Increased document SECURITY – you can set up an alternative view for each employee or group of users. For example, the Risk Coordinators from different departments can easily report and have access to their department’s entries; the Risk Managers could access the full list of entries from the different departments; and the Top Managers have an individual view.
  • DATABASE OF THE INCIDENTS and the persons previously involved in incidents – this solution also works as a database in which you can keep a track of the incidents in case of audits, insurance cases or a need to provide information to potential clients.
  • Better company-wide COMPLIANCE with the ISO standards and government regulations, by enforcing constant incident reporting, action tracking and information management.
  • Easily accessible documents that contain information about the corrective actions (descriptions of evacuation procedures, delegating of duties, etc.); the procedures for the re-introduction of standard operations; arrangements for the completion of orders, financial transactions and production processes in case of an incident; a business continuity plan; and other important information.
  • The newest versions of ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS are just a few clicks away.

Risk list example


  • Customised forms and sets of attributes, which will fully reflect the required description of the incident and the risk treatment.
  • Automatic calculation of the risk’s overall score and an automatic evaluation of the assigned risk type, depending on an individual definition of the score grades or different parameters.
  • Full tracking of the changes that are done to the entries.
  • Responses that are orientated to the business role.
  • Convenient storage of information. Instead of storing the department incidents or risk treatment entries in separate files that are dedicated to different departments, two common lists are created for all departments: one for the incidents; and the second for risk treatment entries.
  • Automatic consolidation of the data from the different departments.
  • Alternative views of the system for each registered user.
  • Possibility to show/hide some information from certain users.
  • Automatic creation of the reports.
  • Failure Mode Register and Effects Analysis functionalities.
  • And all other functionalities that are provided with the DocLogix platform (link as į DLX features).
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