Work Orders Management

Work Orders Management solution – a smart and traceable manufacturing project management system.

It is widely known that in the manufacturing industry, unfinished or disorderly project documentation is usually the main reason for projects to have delays worth millions of dollars in income. How can you avoid situations like this? Choose DocLogix software – the best information and business process management platform in Europe.

The DocLogix Work Orders Management solution is composed of a set of tools which bring automation, flexibility, traceability and transparency to the management of manufacturing projects. The solution helps to better manage workflows and projects, creates priority lists of tasks, gathers all the work orders and/or project-related documentation together in one place, monitors the performances of employees, and eliminates the need for continuous follow-ups. The Work Orders Management solution brings order to your manufacturing company, while boosting productivity and reducing the everyday manufacturing costs.

Who can benefit from this solution?

The DocLogix Work Order Management solution is best suited for the manufacturing sector and for other small and medium-sized companies that deliver both “project type” services/products, and/or hourly-based services. For example, this solution is especially useful in industries such as food, military or aviation, where there is a high dependency on a strict workflow and on the traceability of all the procedures and records, and where any kind of mistake that occurs while producing a custom-made product might result in great damages and losses.


Benefits of the solution

  • 100% TRACEABILITY – you will be able to track every process that takes place in the factory.
  • 90% REDUCED RISK OF MISTAKES AND DELAYS – the continuity and efficiency of the consecutive task flows inside the production and the preparation of manufacturing processes will be improved.
  • 80% INCREASED EFFICIENCY BY IDENTIFYING BOTTLENECKS – all of the work orders, projects and workflow tasks will be covered and automated.
  • 70% DECREASED PAPER ARCHIVING COSTS – all of the manufacturing documents (such as the specifications and standards, quality control records, distribution records, batch packaging records, customer information, descriptions of the performed work, lists of materials used,, etc.) will be stored in a digital format within the system. Also, the system will ensure that you always receive the latest versions of documents.
  • 40% INCREASED TIME COMPLETION RATE FOR SCHEDULED WORK ORDERS – there are no more frozen periods between different tasks. The system will automatically start a new task, or send a notification if something isn’t done on time. In this way, you will be able to get your product to the market faster, while reducing the overhead costs.
  • More EFFECTIVE DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS – all of the process-related documents will include workflows and tasks.
  • DECISION-MAKING will become better and faster – the responsible people will be in sync with the operations at all times.


  • Work order decomposition by tasks or/and items.
  • Work order, project or task-related document management (gathering, versioning, accessing, storing and distribution).
  • Management of technical drawings.
  • Automatic creation of the content (body) of a document on the basis of the attached metadata.
  • Automation of manual paper work based on the realisation of an automated workflow.
  • Interactive and automatic preventative and corrective reminders/notifications.
  • Automatic gathering of product-related documents for the purpose of delivering them to the customer.
  • Automatic creation of transmittal documents.
  • Tracking and recording of the documents’ delivery to the client.
  • Convenient tracking and reporting of the time hours related to a project.
  • Data on the work orders/project hourly budgets and the employee resource capacities for collection and analysis.

The solution includes

  • Project documentation management.
  • Product-related documentation management (automatic gathering of documentation, creating and sending transmittal documents to the client, recording the proof that the client has received the package).
  • Time tracking and expense reporting.
  • Product and production-related document management (quality control/quality assurance).       

How does it work?

  • WORK ORDERS/PROJECT MANAGEMENT. The Work Orders Management solution will help you to keep your focus on the most important tasks, by creating priority lists of procedures and/or tasks and offering an overall view of the manufacturing process. If you are creating a new project and start to upload the project-related documents, the system will automatically generate a map of the documents. Also, when a workflow starts, the system will send an automatic email notification to the employees assigned to this work. This functionality erases all the ambiguity about duties and responsibilities. The Project Manager, or another responsible person, can monitor the stages of the process. If the system notices any threat of a delay, it will send an interactive preventative and/or corrective reminder/notification to the responsible employees.

  • MANUFACTURING DOCUMENTATION MANAGEMENT. With the work order/project card, you will be able to conveniently access all of the different types of documents from a certain work order or project perspective. In this way, you will be able to track the status and the results of partial tasks. All of the project-related documents will be stored in the system (different versions of them, audit trials (records of the operational and metadata changes), technical drawings, etc.). The system also provides interactive controls for the different documents with upcoming due dates. In this way, you can prevent downtimes that cost money, or performing the same work twice. Also, the system enables parallel access to the same documents, which allows managers to create lists of privileged users. This means that certain information will be accessible only to the responsible group members.
  • TECHNICAL DRAWINGS MANAGEMENT. You will be able to store and extend your internal database with all the technical deliveries, and the constructions created for custom projects with metadata descriptions. You can easily find any technical drawing in just a few seconds, in order to use it in other projects.
  • PRODUCT-RELATED DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT. The system offers a very quick and convenient way of delivering all product-related documents to the customer (transmittal documents, shipping documents, product passport, etc.) by automatically creating a package of the documents to be send to the client; and additionally, the transmittal document (describing what is being send) is created automatically. Each root document (part of the package) will hold detailed information about the purpose of sending it, and about its status. Therefore, the sender can see whether it has been sent, returned, approved or rejected.
  • TIME TRACKING – PLANNING OF HOURLY PROJECT BUDGETS AND EMPLOYEE RESOURCE CAPACITIES. Forget about challenges such as work delays because of ineffective, problematic work time management, and difficulties in predicting worker capacities. The system will automatically calculate the duration of a project on the basis of the time information from open work orders versus the expected delivery date of a new project. In addition, the solution provides a convenient environment for the tracking and reporting of labour times.
  • TIME REPORTING. All of the employees and/or workers will track their working hours and report this to their managers. The managers will also have the possibility to extract the information on the overall quantity of the hours spent on a project for a customer in a certain time period, and by a certain employee. The calculation of the overall working costs will help you to determine if a project was profitable and if the company could accomplish another project with similar goals. Furthermore, the information about the working costs of a project can be extracted at any moment of the project’s realisation.

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The DocLogix Work Orders and Workflow Management solution can be integrated with any operational system, such as accounting or specific ERP processes.

Feedback from users of the solution

Rokas Radziunas01“In manufacturing, even the smallest delay can cost a lot. Therefore, you must learn to manage your company like clockwork. For this reason, we chose the DocLogix Work Orders and Workflow Management solution. As a result, we have experienced continuous performance improvements. We have no problems with the management of our new orders and projects, our employees have become more productive, we have achieved better traceability, and our data collection and analysis processes have never been more effective. In the end, at a time when everyone is talking about the value of automation, we have already exploited it to our benefit.”
Rokas Radziunas, Process Improvement Manager at Triple D Bending

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