DocLogix version 2021

DocLogix 2021 includes a number of new features and improvements: from user – friendliness and new signing options to “hidden” changes related to speed improvements and a new DocLogix API.

What are the main updates?


Option to lock toolbar and header

This functionality allows  you  to  scroll document  or view while maintaining toolbar and  header visible. In this  way  user  will  be  able  to  work  faster and  more efficient, because it  will  not  be  needed to go  up  and down to see the toolbar or header. Also, when the group boxes are not fitting to the screen, user will have the scroll bar, it will allow user to control the module group box view separately. Function can  be  enabled or  disabled by  every user  individually in personal user settings.



Option to upload new signed document version


This function allows uploading new signature container (ADOC, ASiC and others) or signed PDF version. This makes  work  more robust, because user  will  not  need  to  delete old  signatures to  upload  new  signed electronic document version. User, when  uploading  new  version, independent from what  container was  used  in  the  previous  version,  can choose container type from ADOC, EDOC, ASiC or signed PDF types.



Possibility to sign ASICE, ADOC and PDF for LV (with timestamps using LV cards)


This Function allows signing PDF, ASICE and ADOC electronical documents with timestamps using LV cards, that consume timestamps provided for Latvian users free of charge. Previously similar option was implemented for signing EDOC documents only.

Note: This option is supported with Latvian cards only.



Support of new Mask Tech Cards


From 2021 autumn ADIC (Asmens dokumentų išrašymo centras prie Vidaus reikalų ministerijos/ Center for
Issuing Personal Documents, part of the Ministry of the Interior) is planning to start using new type of cards,
so this new update is important to the users, who will use new ID cards for signing (relevant for Lithuanian
users). This update allows signing with new MaskTech cards: it is possible to sign ADIC, ADOC, ASICE, PDF
electronic documents.



Aggregated documents change log


Aggregated change log allow users to view changes in alternative and more compact way. This log is available only for Documents. As aggregated log does not render unmodified attributes and relate actions to changes, users can see information in more optimal way. Depending on configuration, log can show changes for:

  • Document metadata
  • Attachments
  • LME (Lookup mirror editable) attribute related objects



Warning about unsaved changes


This function will prevent unintended data loss of entered information when user would try to navigate out from the document, task or contact card without saving. Warning message will appear reminding the user to save the changes.



Custom PDF signing stamp


In  the  new  version it is possible to  use customized PDF  signing  stamps. This function allows preparing stamp templates using WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. The stamp can include custom  text, images and  design for  these  elements.  Stamp  generated according  to the template  will be placed on the PDF document during the signing process. The  signing  stamp template can  be customized  by  the administrator. The  administrator can  use editing tools in the WYSIWYG editor, also can paste images from clipboard to template.  Different stamp sizes can be used. After saving the template, an automatic preview of the stamp will be shown in the preview area.




If you have additional questions regarding DocLogix versions, please contact your key account manager or,


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