Midsized companies find flexibility, control and reduced costs through private cloud solutions

DocLogix is a document and process management platform that offers customizable cloud solutions for organizations. It reviews the best cloud resources for small and midsized companies

March 21, 2017. An increasing number of companies are adopting cloud technology and implementing it in their business management – not only in the IT sector. Considering the convenience, accessibility and increased efficiency, it’s becoming clear that future is set in the cloud. One of the newest cloud computing perks are business solutions and platforms, implemented right on the cloud. Depending on the size of organization, these solutions can be static or customizable.

However, not everyone is familiar with best solution for a small company, and what changes when a company grows and becomes midsized. Below are some common scenarios.

A small organization (up to 30 employees) can choose a ‘pre-packaged’ (pure) cloud solution (i.e project management, CRM, risk management, etc.), and start using it here and now, paying as they go. However, most existing cloud solutions only allow the functionality that comes with the chosen product, meaning it will not give any possibility of customization. For instance, the organization will not be able to order any additional functions, change the appearance or add any additional fields for extra information.

Big organizations (from 500 employees) have their own processes and need to implement complex solutions on their own servers, such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or ECM (Enterprise Content Management). Typically, these organizations dedicate separate physical space to host applications on their servers, which they keep on premises.

Midsized companies (50 – 200 employees) are the ones who fall into the “grey area.” They avoid constrained cloud solutions that small organizations might use because they primarily need to adjust the tools they utilize to fit their unique needs, adapting them to the changing processes of the organization. At the same time, midsized companies also tend to look away from complex solutions that they would need to implement on their own servers, because it is too costly. As a result, pre-packaged cloud solutions are too generic, while sophisticated solutions on premises are too costly for midsized companies. 

Private cloud: solution for midsized companies?

DocLogix is a document and process management platform with 14 years experience. It shares advice on how to choose, implement and use a completely customized private cloud solution without any risk, which is perfect for midsized companies.

“We understand where the future lies, and we see it in the cloud technology. Therefore, we offer diverse solutions for various organizations based on their size. Small and midsized organizations that want more customization are offered DocLogix Private Cloud service. We implement our platform along with ready to use specific solutions in a cloud, dedicated only to that client,” says Aurimas Bakas, board member of DocLogix.

As the matter of fact, the benefits of private cloud computing are plentiful:

  1. Better security and control. Only the specific company will have access over the private cloud, making in private and safe.
  1. Less expenses. Having a private cloud server is much more affordable than hosting company’s own servers in a separate physical space or buying dedicated servers.
  1. Increased flexibility. Private cloud server allows to relocate resources immediately and increase disk space or add more CPU whenever needed.
  1. Access. Company managers can access needed information from any device and any location.
  1. Data protection. No information will be lost in case of a disastrous computer crash: it’s all on the cloud.
  1. Increased collaboration. Private cloud gives an opportunity for better collaboration and ability to work remotely for all company’s workers.

DocLogix is a unique platform, recognized in 2016 as the most progressive in the world, flexibility being its biggest strength. Any workflow or document form can be customized, while different solutions can be offered, such as office management, contract management, project management and so on.

For more information on DocLogix, please visit the website of the company.


DocLogix delivers a set of built-in business solutions dedicated to solving issues related to documents management, workflows management, invoicing, HR, contracts, procurement and meetings management, project documentation, work orders, inventory and quality management, machine maintenance, risk and incident management, time and expenses tracking and reporting. As a result of continued excellence, DocLogix has been twice selected as the best solution for information management in Europe, at the European IT and Software Excellence Awards, 2015 and 2014. Additionally, in 2016, CIOReview magazine recognized DocLogix as one of the 20 Most Promising Content Management Solution Providers in the world.

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