Nasdaq Technology Center uses DocLogix for more efficient management of personnel processes

13 June 2016 – Nasdaq Vilnius Services, the technology and business competence centre, has completed implementation of the DocLogix document- and process-management system.

The system was tailored for the efficient management of personnel documents and monitoring of staff work hours. These operational aspects are particularly important for the competitive and continuously expanding Nasdaq technology centre.

The Nasdaq subdivision in Lithuania is an attractive place of employment for top-level IT specialists. In the first six months of 2016 alone, the centre has recruited more than 100 professionals. After Nasdaq’s management team decided to open subdivision in Lithuania, they realised they would have to build the subdivision’s workforce from scratch. This meant they would need to both create attractive jobs and find specialists who were willing to fill them.

Jaroslav Gil, director of DocLogix UAB, is in no doubt that the DocLogix solution for personnel management will aid Nasdaq, an innovation-oriented employer, in putting its strategy into practice. “We know a number of examples in Lithuania and at foreign companies whereby DocLogix helped to successfully improve the efficiency of personnel management,” said Gil. “The document- and process-management system speeds up employment and involvement in the company activities, simplifies the monitoring of working hours and saves time through the automation of a multitude of other staff-related processes”.

Nasdaq Technology and Innovation Centre is a rapidly growing enterprise. It goes without saying that this means an enormous workload for the human-resources department. One solution for tackling this challenge was implementation of the DocLogix system. Using the management solution for personnel documents, Nasdaq was able to automate frequently recurring processes, such as the filling-in of holiday request forms. The system is already yielding visible benefits, aiding the efficient use of both employees’ time and company resources.

Nasdaq expects to expand in the near future and create about 200 new jobs in the coming two to three years. The automation and optimisation of personnel-related processes are therefore strategically important steps towards ensuring the company’s performance is efficient and smooth.

About Nasdaq: Nasdaq Vilnius Services, the technology and business competence centre, creates cutting-edge technologies and solutions for global financial markets, and manages securities markets, financial accounting, IT system administration and other operations. Nasdaq currently employs 127 professionals who specialise in various fields, offering their services to the companies and clients of the Nasdaq group in Europe, the US and Asia.

About DocLogix: DocLogix is recognised as the best information- and document-management solution in Europe. The revenue of DocLogix UAB is increasing by 30% annually. The company has more than 300 clients, including large banks, telecommunications, aviation and energy companies, and other prominent businesses. DocLogix products are distributed to 12 countries around the world, including the US and UK. The company recently completed its first project in Canada, where its system has been implemented at Triple D Bending, a manufacturer of bending and connection elements for oil and gas pipelines.

For more information, please contact: Jūratė Venskevičiūtė-Bučienė, Head of the Business Development and Marketing Department at DocLogix UAB, tel: +370 612 32678,

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