Nasdaq’s internal processes to be aided by DocLogix

Subsidiary of Nasdaq, the world‘s largest stock-exchange operator and capital-market technology provider, has strengthened its process management in Vilnius (Lithuania). The company has acquired DocLogix solution for documents and business-process management. The main aim of this is better-quality management of internal and human-resource documents and related processes.

“Without doubt, this is good news, but we cannot disclose the contract details,” said DocLogix CEO Jaroslav Gil.“ I can only say that Nasdaq Vilnius Services has already started to deploy the DocLogix software. We are also communicating with our headquarters in New York. They are interested in how DocLogix may help control their internal processes.” When asked about the reasons for Nasdaq’s choice, the manager emphasised that customer cases for DocLogix are widely seen and other companies are attracted.

“DocLogix is starting a new stage in its development. Recently, we have rapidly grown in all areas: customer base, product maturity, financial results, and number of employees and their qualifications. Today, DocLogix employs 70% more employees than at the same time in 2014. We are constantly looking for top talent,” said Gil.

A few months ago, DocLogix started a pilot installation with a Canadian company in the oil sector. In July, Aurimas Bakas joined the DocLogix team. He acts as chairman of the board and is responsible for the company’s expansion into Western markets. The entrepreneur, who has successfully developed several businesses, is optimistic about the company’s future plans. “I see DocLogix as a diamond to be polished. The product is unique and very interesting. We operate in the information-management market, which is worth more than US $5 billion. The company is aware that automating internal document-related processes will make the company move forward considerably faster”, said Bakas. “We get a lot of attention from global brands and proposals for strategic partnerships. Today we want to keep focused, and in building our development strategy are concentrating on several strategically important Western markets, such as the US and UK.”

In 2015, DocLogix was recognised as the best provider of document and process-management solutions in Europe in the prestigious European IT & Software Excellence Awards. This is the only competition in Europe to award not theoretical, but practical, actively functioning solutions worthy of global attention and that provide tangible business benefits. DocLogix is between 1% of Microsoft partners (out of 640,000 companies) throughout the world that have a Gold Application Development competency*.

DocLogix specialises exclusively in the development and deployment of document and process-management systems. Its products are used by more than 300 businesses and many public institutions in different countries, with a total of over 35,000 users. The company started operating 12 years ago, and now distributes its products through partners in 12 countries. In 2014, the company’s revenue grew by 36 per cent.

⃰ Source: International research agency Gartner, Inc.

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