DocLogix will help to manage document flows in the Ministry of Railway Transport of Turkmenistan

In October 2013 “DocLogix” signed a contract for implementation of document and process management system in the Ministry of Railway Transport of Turkmenistan. This is the fourth large project of the company in the country and it is an important step towards stronger foothold on the Turkmenistan market.

“I am glad that our product is gaining more and more trust in the distant market of central Asia. I believe that positive recommendations of the existing Turkmen customers strongly influenced the decision of the Ministry of Railways to choose our solution,” said Jaroslav Gil, CEO of “DocLogix” company.

Up to this date just paper document management prevailed in the Ministry and no electronic document management system was used. That is why documents related processes were not effective and lasted very long. “DocLogix” solution will enable the Ministry to transfer the management of documents to the electronic environment, optimize processes, and facilitate the work of the employees. “DocLogix” will be a great help for the minister and his environment, because it will provide tools for better work organization, task delegation and control.

DocLogix document management system will be used by 100 employees of the Ministry. It is planned to complete the project in February of 2014.

The Ministry of Railway Transport of Turkmenistan is responsible for maintenance and development of rail system in the country. The total length of railways in the country is more than 3500 kilometers. The ministry employs about 300 servants.

“DocLogix” is working in the market of Turkmenistan since 2010. Document management system has been installed in the Ministry of Economy and Development as well as in the Ministry of Textile Industry. “DocLogix” also has clients in Azerbaijan and is actively working in Kazakhstan and other CIS markets.

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