Oil recession in Canada: how companies can overcome it and thrive by implementing modern technology

Triple D Bending, Canadian oil pipe company, managed to beat the recession by turning to DocLogix, a process and document management platform.

February 9, 2017. Even though some recovery from oil recession is predicted for Canada in 2017, the current situation for many Canadian provinces remains dire. Alberta’s business investments in the oil and gas sector fell by $17 billion and with oil and gas prices forecast to remain low.

All Canadian companies that are related to oil & gas industry experienced hardships in one way or another in the past two years, and some had to look for creative new ways to reinvent themselves – some succeeding to even increase their profits during the recession.

One of such companies is a pipe bending company located in Alberta, Triple D Bending, which includes a lot of oil and gas companies among its clients.  Triple D Bending has a goal to create environmentally friendly and efficiently produced final product – and digital technology plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. Therefore, the company chose to implement an innovative document and process management platform, DocLogix, which is specifically designed for manufacturing processes management.

The implementation of DocLogix helped sort out the information chaos by automating information flows, tasks and communication in all areas of the process between administration and production.

“DocLogix made it very easy for us to manage our whole production process,” says Rokas Radziunas, Product Improvement Manager at Triple D Bending, “Our company has a huge responsibility to the environment, so we need to make sure our documentation is in perfect order, and can be backtracked at any time. But most importantly, we are now having a total control and visibility over the whole company, from estimation to shipping.  As a result we are reducing costs and adding value to our customers.”

Here’s what small to mid-size Canadian manufacturing companies like Triple D Bending can improve by using DocLogix manufacturing management platform:

  1. Productivity. Companies can achieve a significant productivity increase. DocLogix reduces workload related to the information management (manual document transportation, filling an and etc.). Customers calculate that, on average, work load related to information management is reduced by 35%, meaning that more time might be dedicated to the primary production-related duties.
  1. Traceability. Traceability increases by 45%. Since all the company’s information is managed in DocLogix system, it can be tracked back in seconds – including information about the produced parts, subparts, raw materials, staff responsible for a particular item and anything else, whenever the need arises.
  1. Clear order. Most manufacturing companies are still concentrating on the enterprise resources planning (ERP) systems, dedicated to the management of production-related records, but documents, contracts, invoices, and assigned tasks are lost somewhere in the paperwork on the shelves. DocLogix changes all that with its integrated manufacturing management platform to manage all information within the company, and does it with the help of automated workflows.
  1. Cooperation and responsibility. The company will have an overall increased cooperation and responsibility. Sometimes production companies have one irreplaceable person, because he keeps a lot of company information about tasks, employees and how things should function. With DocLogix, all information is stored in a structural environment, thus all employees are able to reach it based on their access level. Smart notes, reminders and controls for the assigned tasks will be issued so that everything is performed on time.
  1. Overall ROI. When correctly implemented, DocLogix can produce the return of up to 80 CAD per one dollar spent.

How does it work? When a company installs DocLogix system, its entire document management process suddenly becomes automated and very easy to monitor, with no specific IT knowledge required. The system connects the document-heavy back office with production-only part of the company. The production manager can now access all the information about sales, acquisitions, maintenance schedules, time reports and productivity, which enables a more efficient human resource management and increase in profitability.

With its current Canada-oriented campaign, DocLogix aims to select 30 most promising Canadian small and midsized manufacturing companies to grant them with 60% off for DocLogix manufacturing management platform implementation.

To get selected for 60% discount, Canadian manufacturing companies can apply here.

For more information on DocLogix, please visit the website of the company.


DocLogix delivers a set of built-in business solutions dedicated to solving issues related to manufacturing documents management, workflows management, invoicing, HR, contracts, procurement and meetings management, project documentation, work orders, inventory and quality management, machine maintenance, risk and incident management, time and expenses tracking and reporting. As a result of continued excellence, DocLogix has been twice selected as the best solution for information management in Europe, at the European IT and Software Excellence Awards, 2015 and 2014. Additionally, in 2016, CIOReview magazine recognized DocLogix as one of the 20 Most Promising Content Management Solution Providers in the world.

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